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At The Edge, we offer affordable and unique wearable tie dye art using the highest quality cotton & rayon clothing.

Important Ordering Info

The Edge accepts


Want to write us a check or send us a money order?
Mail it to the address at the bottom of this page

American Express
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for online orders using our secure shopping cart.
 Click on “Get Your Tie Dye” in the menu to go to our store.

How this online ordering thing works

All items default to the Rainbow Swirl pattern and a quantity of 1. You may want to change those selections (or maybe not) BEFORE you press the Buy Now! button.

If you forget to change the quantity before pressing the button...don’t worry....the shopping cart will let you change it to a couple of dozen if you want. (we won’t mind)

You can only place one of our lovely and desirable products in the cart at a time, but feel free to add as many items as you wish before your button pushing finger wears out.

To continue shopping after adding an item, press the cleverly named “Continue Shopping” button  in the cart. You’ll be returned to the storefront to select the next department to shop in.

When you add the last item, check out and tell us how to transfer the money from your wallet to ours.

We thank you.

Stuff our lawyer says you should know!

Your new Tie Dye
Your new Tie Dye will be hand dyed for your order and will be unique.  Please allow for slight color variations.

Shipping time
All items will be custom made and shipped to you within one to two weeks of purchase.

Shipping costs
Standard Shipping - only six bucks.
For international orders it’s $25.

Exchange Policy
 No Refunds - Exchanges only.

All exchanges (returned in “like new” condition) must be made within 30 days of delivery for item(s) of equal or greater  value.   Mail the item(s) you wish to exchange to The Edge,
PO Box 1261, 217 Whittier Hwy, Center Harbor NH 03226 along with your order for the new item(s).

Phone orders -
Monday-Friday from 10:00am thru 5:00pm ET

Ah.... young hugginess!
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