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At The Edge, we offer affordable and unique wearable tie dye art using the highest quality cotton & rayon clothing.


Lots of cotton capris

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Tie dye lovers unite!

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Pulick Pottery - Handmade pottery sure to please tie dye lovers everywhere.
visit their “baked in the oven’ site

Lee Nestor - Gorgeous singer songwriter. Music surely inspired by a love of tie dye.
visit her “in-tune” site

Mark Newman - Musician and vocalist. Plays a mean guitar. Dreams in tie dye colors.
visit his “melodious” site

Locust Grove Soap Company - From the Catskills - Beautiful handmade glycerin soap that will leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and pampered like no ordinary soap can!.
visit for your hand crafted and personally wrapped "feel soft" goodies!

BeyondFusion - The All-powerful Wizard behind our site design and store database.
visit their “all-knowing” site

Autism Speaks - Even we get serious sometimes. Learn about autism. More common than you might realize.
visit their “most excellent” site

Hundelrut Studio - The Hundelrut’s shop in Plymouth NH features original artwork and pottery in many forms.
visit their “highly detailed and humorous” site and get some of New Hampshire’s finest doo-dads!

Ol’ Factory 100% Soy Candles - We love a play on words. Ol’ Factory = olfactory. Get It? Or maybe they make these very cool candles in an old factory. Or both.
visit their 100% soy site

Brighter Image - The lovely and talented folks in Laconia NH do a fine job doing all of our screen printing..
visit their site and check out where get “our shirts, our way”. And other stuff too!!

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