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At The Edge, we offer affordable and unique wearable tie dye art using the highest quality cotton & rayon clothing.

2018 Schedule of Events

18% of the 21st Century - GONE!
and we’re still doin’ tie dye!

Places we were  this year, neatly sliced into quarters for you to digest more easily.
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  • October-December

    October 6-8...

    October 7...

    October 13-14...

    October 20-21...

    November 2-4...

    November 17...

    December 8-9...

    The Sandwich Fair
    Sandwich, New Hampshire

    The Sea Cliff Mini Mart
    Sea Cliff Ave, Sea Cliff, New York

    35th Annual Oyster Festival
    Teddy Roosevelt Park, Oyster Bay, New York

    The Great New England Craft Fair
    The Hampshire Dome, Milford, New Hampshire

    The Boston Christmas Show
    The World Trade Center, Boston, Massachusetts

    The Walt Whitman Craft Fair
    Walt Whitman High School, Huntington, New York

    The Northport HS Craft Fair
    Nothport HS, Northport, New York

  • January-March
  • April-June
  • July-September


New dates are always being added!! When we feel like it.
Check back for an event near you!!

(well...as long as you live somewhere near our part of the country, that is)

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