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At The Edge, we offer affordable and unique wearable tie dye art using the highest quality cotton & rayon clothing.

About Us


Hello, and welcome to The Edge Tie Dye!

We are a completely handcrafted tie dye boutique established in 1492. No, wait.... that was something else.  1990.... that’s it.  Anyway, we do all of the dying by hand, one piece at a time.  No vats or bulk dying.  Sometimes the cats help.  We do not wholesale to stores or anyone else.  Please don’t call and ask, the answer is No.  You can only get The Edge Tie Dye from us.  You can visit us at our beautiful New Hampshire store. You can browse and buy right here on our secure web site or place an order by phone. You can even visit us at a Craft Fair where we always have a great selection of newly dyed clothing for infants thru adults.  You cannot, however, come to our house unless we invite you.  Our shows are listed on the Events page of this site.

We meet some of our fans
Our goal is to create affordable and unique wearable art using the highest quality, brand name, cotton & rayon clothing and to make your purchase of massive quantities a pleasant experience.

We use fiber reactive dyes that we custom mix (with magic) to create our unique color patterns.  All of our items are completely colorfast and safe.  We promise no one will turn blue.  All cotton clothing is machine washable with your other darks, in warm or cold water and you can tumble dry.

No running, shrinking or fading... guaranteed!

Rayon is a bit more delicate so we recommend the gentle cycle and hanging to dry.  In case you didn’t know, Rayon is a natural fiber made from wood pulp.

Since each item is individually created, please allow for slight design and color variations.  It is tie dye you know.

We offer that “small store” personal touch to all of our customers.  Any questions you may have will be answered promptly by a real person.  Our dog has figured out the phone thing but she isn’t very helpful. Now stop reading this and “Get Your Tie Dye.”

We Thank you.

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